Community Catalyst

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ACRES empowers citizens and community groups by serving as a catalyst to promote and protect neighborhood pocket woodlands, one acre at a time.

ACRES challenges citizens, civic leaders, and stakeholders to engage in a pro-active, constructive dialogue to seek land use alternatives with minimal impact. Viable solutions can be achieved through communication and compromise.

Pocket woodlands, often only a few acres in size and especially in densely populated states like New Jersey, provide immeasurable and intrinsic value to society as a natural resource.

Development that continually deforests and fragments these parcels of land threatens these critical buffer areas. These areas provide natural protection to our properties and homes and watersheds, serve as environmental filters to air, water, noise and light, and provide habitat for wildlife and flora.

The existence of pocket woodlands heightens our awareness that man and nature are inextricably linked.

Alternate and responsible land development options do exist and require citizens to demand answers.

ACRES is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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