Photo Contest Results

Well done, children! We had so many wonderful entries, it was hard to pick the best — but the voters have decided.

These are the top five entries (in no particular order) to our ACRES 2015 Arbor Day Photo Contest:

snow covered trees
I picked this tree because my favorite time to take pictures of trees is the winter because I can see each and every branch on the trees. In the summer, the trees are covered with leaves and you can’t see the branches. In the winter, you can see all of the branches, especially when they are highlighted by snow. The tree in this picture is important to me because it is one of the trees that I like looking at from the window in my living room. (grade 3)
Snow on color trees
These trees in my neighborhood are special to me because it shows how beautiful nature can be. Also it spotlights the incredible beauty of mixed seasons. (Morgen, Long Valley, NJ)
Palm Tree up north
This is a Palm tree. I think it is special to me because you can not see it in cold places like New Jersey, only in hot places. (Raul Sommerhalder Laureiro, grade 2, Bernardsville)
Cool down tree
This is my favourite tree in my favourite park. I like to sit under this tree with my brother to cool down when we get hot from playing in the park. (Cameron, Sydney, Australia)
magic tree
The kids in my neighbourhood call this the ‘magic tree’ because it is really big and you can go ‘inside it’ and there are lots of branches to climb on and no one can see you from the outside. (Lachlan, Sydney, Australia)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, and a special thanks to all the wonderful children who submitted entries — you all have such potential! We hope you will keep taking pictures, and always find the beauty in each tree.

For our five winners, your wonderful photos will be placed on the ACRES website ( and will be featured on future ACRES  educational material.

We’re very proud of you!