Small pocket woodlands contain a multitude of species, more than you might realize. They provide valuable corridors for migration and wildlife habitat.

The cooper hawk ...©Blaine Rothauser

Cooper hawk
©Blaine Rothauser

The kingfisher ...©Blaine Rothauser

©Blaine Rothauser

The red fox ...©Blaine Rothauser

Red fox
©Blaine Rothauser

The redback ...©Blaine Rothauser

Redback salamander
©Blaine Rothauser

Big brown bat ©Blaine Rothauser

Big brown bat
©Blaine Rothauser

The white breasted nuthatch ...©Blaine Rothauser

White breasted nuthatch
©Blaine Rothauser


Trout liley

Trout lily

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