“The Soldier and the Oak”

This song reminds us that, among other benefits, trees restore us…

ACRES applauds The Arbor Day Foundation’s public service video, reminding us “Trees Can Change Everything”…

May 8, 2016


ACRES applauds the mission and work of American Forests

April 10, 2016

The Arbor Day Foundation’s public service video reminds us about protecting and preserving our forests: “Everyone depends on our forests for clean air, wood for our homes and for millions of us, drinking water”.  View their inspiring video & call to action here:


“How to connect children with nature”
Nature Explore, a collaborative program of the Arbor Day foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation, provides an insightful video on how adults can foster positive outdoor experiences for children.
Arbor Day, April 24, 2015

ACRES applauds the State of Utah’s public awareness campaign to celebrate trees:


“The Earth has lungs.  Watch them breathe”, Robert Krulwich

National Geographic

March 9, 2016

“If Trees Could Sing”
Reba McEntire & the Pin Oak, The Nature Conservancy

“Watch how a forest changes over a year”
Filmmaker Samuel Orr took 40,000 still images from his front window over 15 months and blended them into a short film to show how a forest changes throughout the seasons
Mother Nature Network


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