What’s a ‘pocket woodland’ ?

The term ‘pocket woodland’ appears March 8, 2013,

“Letter: ‘Set a course for responsible land management’ ”

The Bernardsville News


What’s a ‘pocket woodland’?

Pocket Woodland


A pocket woodland is a small wooded area, visible to the general public, and valued for its wild and natural state.

Additional Elements

People are most familiar with the pocket woodland in their neighborhood. They are no larger than a few acres and located on public or private land. They are usually wedged between buildings or otherwise developed land in urban, suburban or rural settings.

They are the patchwork quilt of green spaces, rapidly vanishing, that provide tremendous functional and aesthetic benefits.

A pocket woodland is home to animals, insects, and plant life.  It may feature interesting geology and streams, ponds, or vernal pools. People may be invited to walk through a pocket woodland or to simply enjoy it when passing by.

A pocket woodland offers opportunities for recreation, relaxation or reflection and is a neighborhood gem worth protecting.

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